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Frequently Asked Questions about Graduate Talent West

    About Graduate Talent West

    Q. Is Graduate Talent West a recruitment agency or service?

    Graduate Talent West acts as a distributor of employer's vacancies to all five universities in the West of England LEP: UWE Bristol, Bath Spa, University of Gloucestershire, the University of Bristol and the University of Bath

    Graduate Talent West is NOT a recruitment agency but instead facilitates easy communication between employers/ agencies who want to advertise vacancies and university Careers Services and students/ graduates. GTW is aimed at boosting graduate employment and local business.

    Graduate Talent West provides a centralized, web-based resource to graduate recruiters. We connect employers to the 150,000+ students and graduates who have registered with their university’s CareerHub system.


    Q. What is the difference between CareerHub and Graduate Talent West?

    CareerHub is the Careers Service application used internally by an increasing number of universities in the UK. CareerHub is a complete Careers solution with CRM and CMS functionality to manage relationships with Students and Employers and also disseminate other information such as events, appointment bookings, job details, resource sheets, FAQs, employer research materials etc.

    Graduate Talent West operates as a centralized web interface and job distribution service with each university's existing CareerHub job notification system to make it easier for employers and recruiters to contact multiple universities about graduate vacancies in one quick and simple process.


    Q. Please provide statistical information about Graduate Talent West in terms of the exact number of registered student users, traffic figures, the growth rate of your website, etc.

    Because of the proprietary nature of each university's CareerHub data, Graduate Talent West can only provide collective statistical information to employers. Please email us at


    Q. By using Graduate Talent West, will we lose the relationship with our existing contacts at the universities?

    When you distribute jobs through Graduate Talent West it mimics the process exactly as if you had logged in to each institution individually and submitted your job. The same university staff will review and approve it either way. Graduate Talent West simply acts as an easier and more efficient way to keep in contact with multiple universities at once.


    Q. Can we benefit by also advertising with each institution internally?

    No. Graduate Talent West feeds directly into the CareerHub system of each university, so sending your ad to the university as well will just result in a duplicate vacancy being created, which will then be deleted.


    Q. What happens to registered students, and therefore potential candidates, after they graduate?

    When a student becomes a graduate and no longer attends a university, their contact details are retained in that university's CareerHub system so you can just as easily contact students as well as graduates. As a result, graduates and alumni still receive job notifications and emails, newsletters and mailshots.


    Q. I made a mistake in the published job advertisement. How do I change that? I also didn't distribute the job to all the required universities. How do I add those universities?

    Although you are unable to edit the vacancy directly after publishing you can request for vacancy information to be changed by the institutions. Graduate Talent West sends your vacancy content directly into the universities own 'internal' CareerHub system; the university has a legal responsibility to check each vacancy before approval, therefore once checked by university staff the vacancy cannot be edited directly by you for legal reasons.

    Please ensure that all details are 100 per cent correct before proceeding; if your job has already been published to the universities, then you will need to submit a change request via Graduate Talent West.

    If you would like to re-send the vacancy including other institutions, please contact us on 011732 86544 and ask for Felicity Mason or email


    Q. Can't I just distribute one job advertisement with a 12 month closing date?

    Having a perpetual job advertisement is not an effective way to obtain responses since your job would be superseded by any new jobs posted and will fall to the bottom of the listings.

    It is far more effective to use opening and closing dates in line with your application dates and to keep your distributed job high up on the search results and thus more salient for potential candidates.

    You can re-publish your existing job ads easily by going to your previously listed jobs then click on the 're-publish this job' link. This will create a new job ad which can be edited as required.

    It is usually a good idea to change the title of the vacancy slightly to keep the job looking 'fresh'. Since it will be a recently published job again it will be flagged as 'new' for students.


    Q. A colleague published a job advertisement for us. How can we review the details?

    Log into your Graduate Talent West employer account, view any current or expired job and click 'preview job' and 'view publish details'.


    Q. How do I add a different staff contact to an advertisement in Graduate Talent West?

    Simply ensure that you have added that person as a staff contact in your employer account. Their name will then appear in the drop-down menu during the job publishing process. Otherwise, get in touch on the details provided

  • About my vacancy

    Q. What type of vacancy is suitable for Graduate Talent West?

    • GTW will approve vacancies which are suited to graduates. We also publish student placement positions.
    • We do not advertise unskilled student jobs or casual work in general.
    • Agencies are welcome to advertise specific positions, but we do not publish advertisements for agencies in general (e.g. ‘We are looking for supply teachers across the South West but not for a specific vacancy’).
    • GTW will not publish positions which do not meet National Minimum Wage criteria. Unpaid positions will not be advertised unless they are for charitable organisations and are classified as voluntary according to employment legislation. Please visit Gov.UK for details
    • Intern positions which require candidates to pay a fee will not be published.
    • Vacancy advertisements are viewable by students and graduates. Accordingly, we do not advertise positions which explicitly require  multipleyears industry experience outside of education.
    • If you are unsure of the suitability of your vacancy, call us on 0117 3286544.

    Q. What should the summary section include?

    The summary is the first thing that students or graduates see before deciding whether to view the full advert. As such, it is a good idea to include some information which will help potential candidates decide whether it is a suitable job for them.


    Q. I wish to see a copy of the advertisement I just published. How can I do that?

    Within your Graduate Talent West employer account you can go to your 'current' or 'expired' jobs and then click the 'preview' link.

    This will display the listing in the same layout as students will see it; the only difference being that the student will see it in their own university colours and interface design.


    Q. Can I see how many students have viewed my published job?

    Each university's careers service is unable to provide this information as they are bound by confidentiality agreements.


    Q. I created a new job, saved it, walked away from it and when I went back to my computer, the job details were no longer there.

    You will see the session timeout window. Just enter your login details again and continue editing whatever you were working on.


    Q. How can I check which universities have published our advertisement?

    Log into your Graduate Talent West account then navigate to the current or expired job and click 'view publish details'.

    This will then provide you a listing of where the vacancy was published as well as if and when it was approved by each institution.


    Q. Our job advertisement has not yet been published by all the universities we selected. What is causing the delay? How can we hasten approval progress?

    Approval delay by university careers staff can occur for any reason; Graduate Talent West does not monitor or guarantee approval by each institution since this decision is made by the Careers Service staff at each institution.

    To obtain the approval status for each institution log into your Graduate Talent West account, view the job and click 'view publish details'. If you want to then follow up directly with the institution then go to the Contact Us section of this website to obtain university contact details so that you can discuss the delay directly.

    Graduate Talent West is a distribution site. Vacancies will be considered by each participating institution and they reserve the right not to advertise vacancies considered unsuitable for students, and to refuse to advertise further vacancies from any company, which breaches their terms and conditions.


    Q. In which format do I enter job information data?

    Currently job adverts can only be entered in text, however, they will be automatically HTML formatted when presented to students. This is done for security reasons. Basic formatting such as line breaks and bullets can be added and links to external website and email addresses will automatically be created.

    Feature artwork and graphics depicting your organisation's brand or logo can be added to an enhanced employer profile at institutional level. Please contact universities directly to arrange this.

  • About my account details

    Q. How will I know if our organisation is already registered on Graduate Talent West?

    Upon registration at if your company name bears a similar name to another already-registered organisation, you will be alerted by the message: 'The following employers were found that have similar names to the one you entered.’ If one of these is your organisation then please DO NOT register again as this will create a duplicate and cause confusion for students when researching your organisation.

    If your organisation is large enough to have separate HR departments and locations, you can create a separate registration for that Division.


    Q. I'm having difficulty matching an industry category to our organisation's industry.

    The Graduate Talent West Industry listing is based on the government standard industry classifications. It is common for some occupations e.g. Engineering Consultants to have difficulty with the codes. This is because engineering is NOT an industry but an occupation within an industry such as Building and Construction.


    Q. Please update Graduate Talent West’s records with my new details.

    Employers registered with Graduate Talent West can log in to edit their contact details.
    When you make changes it will automatically be synchronised with your local account at participating university careers services.

    Log into Graduate Talent West and update 'organisation details', 'my details', 'staff contacts' or 'add a staff contact' from your employer account as and when required.


    Q. I am the new primary contact. What is our Graduate Talent West login and password?

    Using your organisation's log-in email address, go to ‘Forgot your Password’ to retrieve your password.

    If you do not know your organisation's log-in email address, call us on 011732 86544 and ask for Felicity Mason or email


    Q. I am trying to log in with the email address and password that we use at a particular university but Graduate Talent West does not recognise these.

    Graduate Talent West does not recognise institutional log-in details, you will need to use your GTW log-in. Your Graduate Talent West account will automatically update your local accounts within each institution.


    Q. There seems to be more than one entity registered on Graduate Talent West for our organisation. How do we combine them to reflect the one organisation?

    It is very important NOT to create duplicate entries since this will fragment the view of your organisation when students are researching. If you do have duplicate accounts then please contact Graduate Talent West before listing any new items.

  • Costs associated with using Graduate Talent West

    Q. How much does it cost to 'subscribe' to Graduate Talent West? May I have information about costings?

    • Graduate Talent West does not charge direct employers for advertising vacancies.
    • We also welcome opportunities from recruitment agencies; your vacancies may be posted to Graduate Talent West free of charge, however, institutional charges may still apply:

    Bath Spa University –No charge until further notice.
    UWE Bristol – No charge until further notice.
    University of Gloucestershire – No acceptance of vacancies from Recruitment Agencies until further notice.
    University of Bristol – Charges are applicable; please contact the university for details
    University of Bath – No charge until further notice.

    If you do not wish to publish your vacancy with any of the participating universities in order to avoid charges or for any other reason, the name of the university can be easily unchecked. During the final stage of publishing your ad, you will be presented with a list of institutions with checked boxes next to them. Simply click on the institution with whom you do not wish to publish.

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